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Durable Australian-made sleepers with a 50-year lifespan. Explore elegant concrete options for all projects and budgets.

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Elegant concrete sleepers of unparalleled quality and durability. Rot and termite proof. Crafted in Australia with unique styles in natural finishes. Every piece engineer-certified.

Available in
Brick - Charcoal
Brick - Jasper
Brick - Sandstone
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$0.00 + GST

Size : 1590 x 200 x 75

Available in
Woodgrain - Charcoal
Woodgrain - Jasper
Woodgrain - Sandstone
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$0.00 + GST

Size : 1590 x 200 x 75

Available in
Smooth - Plain
Smooth - Charcoal
Starting At

$0.00 + GST

Size : 1590 x 200 x 75

Concrete Sleeper Applications

Retaining walls

Retaining Walls

Garden beds

Garden Beds

Retaining walls

Steps & Stairs

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We deliver concrete sleepers to Metropolitan Sydney and Regional NSW

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Got a question about our products, service and delivery in Sydney and NSW? Explore our Frequently Asked Questions below.

General, Returns & Delivery

Yes, we do! Reach out to our friendly staff to discuss your business needs.

Concrete Sleepers delivers concrete sleepers throughout NSW, and we can also arrange interstate freight if needed. Our primary delivery areas cover the Greater Sydney suburbs. To confirm delivery to your suburb, contact Concrete Sleepers during office hours at 0406 424 749.

Absolutely! We’ll do our best to accommodate your requests. Contact our office staff during office hours to discuss any changes needed. Please ensure all changes are made at least 24 hours before the scheduled delivery.

Orders modified within 24 hours of the scheduled delivery date will incur a re-picking fee. The fee varies based on the order, with a minimum cost of $100+GST.

You don’t need to be on-site for delivery. Provide clear instructions to our Concrete Sleepers staff beforehand on where to place your delivery.

If you have already received your product, Concrete Sleepers will not accept any returns. This is because the products have already been transported and handled. If you need to change your order before it is dispatched, contact us. Whilst we do not guarantee that we can reduce your ortder, it may be possible, provided it is not a custom-made order.

You’ll receive a call from our staff the day before your delivery. On the delivery day, we’ll provide an estimated time of arrival, but please note that factors like weather, traffic, and previous deliveries can influence the actual delivery time. Rest assured, we prioritise quick and efficient deliveries.

Absolutely, however our factory is located in New South Wales, so it’ll be quite a drive from Sydney! Delivery might be a more economical option. However, if you do wish to collect directly from us, please note that we cannot load sleepers onto enclosed trailers, wagons, or vans.

In New South Wales, we have a display at our manufacturing factory located at 72 Officer S Rd, Officer NSW, where you can see all our concrete sleepers. Feel free to visit us during business hours. Additionally, you can find our concrete sleepers stocked in all ROBOT BUILDING SUPPLIES stores.

Product Information

Our standard stock sizes are 1.8m, 2m and 2.4m. However, we can make custom sizes if required. Please call the Concrete Sleepers office during trading hours on 0406 424 749 if you require any custom size concrete sleepers.

Yes, you are able to cut concrete sleepers but keep in mind that they do have two N-12 bars inside of them. We recommend using a demolition saw with diamond cutting blade to cut through the concrete sleepers.

Yes, Concrete Sleepers offers a wide range of steel sizes, starting from 100uc14. We also provide H-beam, C-beam, 90-degree corners, and 45-degree corners. Our stock lengths start at 900mm and increase in 300mm increments.

Rest assured, all our steel post products comply with Standards Australia AS Standard: AS/NZS 3679.1. For custom steel orders, please contact the Concrete Sleepers office at (03) 9988 2991.

No, our concrete sleepers do not require painting. However, if you prefer a darker appearance, you can use a concrete sealant. Our range of sealers also helps protect the sleepers from abrasions.

They don’t! With proper maintenance, our concrete sleepers can last 50 years or more, which is far longer than their wooden counterparts, which have a lifespan of approximately 20 years.

Absolutely! All our concrete sleepers are properly engineered. For a comprehensive report, you can download our Engineering Certificate.

Certainly! Our concrete sleepers are reinforced with two N-12 bars, ensuring added strength and durability. For detailed information, you can download our Engineering Certificate, which includes a comprehensive report on the reinforcement of our sleepers.

Typically, the C channel is positioned at the end of the retaining wall, whereas the H channel serves as a double C channel, connecting two segments of sleepers. Additionally, you can find 45 and 90-degree channels for specific requirements.

In most cases, unless otherwise specified by an engineer, the post should be buried to match the height of the wall (50% in 50% out). For instance, a 600mm high wall requires 600mm of steel in the ground. Therefore, the ideal steel length should be 1200mm.

Retaining Walls

Certainly, you can build your own retaining wall, however before proceeding, it’s essential to check with your local council about any regulations specific to your area. Also conduct thorough research to ensure your retaining wall meets all necessary requirements and building codes for a successful and compliant project. A safe retaining wall is essential, so ensure all requirements are met.

The cost of a retaining wall varies depending on its size and specifications. For a detailed estimate, feel free to get in touch with us, and we’d be delighted to share installer details who can provide you with a comprehensive quote for the complete installation, tailored to your specific requirements.

Due to their weight, installing concrete sleepers can be challenging. However, Concrete Sleepers offers solutions to ease the installation process, like Grab hire services available at a reasonable daily rate to assist you with the heavy lifting.

Yes, in NSW retaining walls above 600mm in height typically require council approval. This is because such walls can pose safety risks to people and the environment if not constructed properly. To ensure the wall’s safety and compliance, it’s essential to have it designed and approved by professionals, which may involve engaging a structural engineer. To obtain council approval, you’ll need to lodge a building application and have qualified professionals draw up plans for review and approval. If you’re unsure about the approval process, it’s best to seek assistance from experts to ensure a smooth and compliant construction.

In New South Wales, retaining walls that are over 600mm in height or closer than 1 metre to a boundary may require a building permit. As the landowner, it is your responsibility to obtain this permit and ensure that the person overseeing the construction has a copy of the approval. Failure to obtain a building permit can result in enforcement notices, requiring you to comply with building requirements, which could include the removal or demolition of the structure. Non-compliance with the Building Act is a serious matter, and illegal building work may lead to legal action, with the landowner being summoned to the appropriate court. Instances of unauthorised construction may also be reported to the “”Municipal Building Surveyor.”” To avoid these issues, it’s crucial to seek proper council approval before proceeding with your retaining wall project in NSW.

Concrete sleepers offer numerous advantages compared to their timber counterparts. With a wide variety of designs and colours available, you can even find concrete sleepers that resemble timber, like ‘The Malibu’ Woodgrain Textured Concrete Sleeper. Unlike timber sleepers, concrete sleepers won’t warp, twist, or rot, and are not susceptible to termite damage.

Though concrete sleepers may have a higher initial cost, they prove to be a cost-effective option in the long run, especially for taller walls, as they provide superior strength and durability. Choosing concrete sleepers means you won’t have to worry about replacing the retaining wall in the future, saving you time and money compared to building a timber sleeper wall that might need replacement at some point.

For safety and engineering reasons, each sleeper has a maximum height for retaining walls. If you have any inquiries, feel free to contact the Concrete Sleepers office during trading hours at 0406 424 749.