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About Concrete Sleepers

Concrete Sleepers, an established manufacturer with many years of industry experience, has expanded its services to Sydney and wider NSW. We produce high-quality concrete sleepers for commercial, residential, and civil projects, offering various styles to suit all preferences and budgets. Our engineer-certified, durable, and reinforced sleepers ensure a lifetime of reliability.

As Australian manufacturers, we provide a rapid turnaround and readily accommodate large quantity orders. Our concrete sleepers are available in different lengths and widths, perfect for retaining walls up to 4.5 meters in height. We can also tailor our sleepers to unique lengths, according to your requirements.

With our delivery service covering metropolitan Sydney and wider NSW, customers can conveniently receive their orders. Trust Concrete Sleepers for exceptional products and services, no matter your location.

Termite Resistant
Built to last

Concrete sleepers, unlike timber, don’t decay or require replacement, offering a cost-effective solution for projects.

Designed To Last
Fully Certified

Engineered and certified in Australia, our concrete sleepers support retaining walls up to 4.5 m high.

Engineer Certified
Termite Resistant

Our concrete sleepers resist rot, twisting, shrinking, and termites.